More Wonders of Winton Town


My first nights in Winton were spent camping out behind the gorgeous old Art Deco North Gregory Hotel. This was the pubs beautiful fourth reincarnation after three previous fires had burnt the buildings down. I made sure to make the most of the air conditioning inside, what with 40c+ daytime temperatures not making it so much fun in the tent, or outside in general!

The fancy pub on the strip

The fanciest pub on the strip, the North Gregory Hotel

IMG_1666 IMG_1665


The Great Wall of Arno

The Great Wall of Arno

A shining example of a man making the most of someones trash and turning into treasure was to be found just behind the North Gregory Pub in the shape of Arno’s Wall. This grand design was made by hand by an Opal Miner in his spare time. And in it he has paid tribute to this land, he has brought his imagination & flare out for all to see and he has created a beautiful piece of sculpture to encompass and guard his home.

IMG_6883 IMG_6881
IMG_6882 IMG_6884

Did you know where Qantas was BORN? In little ol’ Winton. She was conceived in Cloncurry, born in Winton & raised to be the International Flying Magnate it is today in Longreach.

And this is the old Winton Club where the plan was put into action.

And this is the old Winton Club where the plan was put into action.

There’s not too many grey days in this part of the Continent. But the blues of the skies are just amazing. And the sunsets set a beautiful glow across the lands, never ceasing to impress.

My view across down my quiet street

The view across my quiet street with the water tower that I can just see from work, 24km away, up on the Jump-Up.

IMG_1789 IMG_6886

The local mechanic displays it proudly on his pickup exactly where we are. And has more than a few shining examples of what can happen on the roads out here.

IMG_6861 IMG_6860

There’s a bit of the old, the unusual and the quirky to be found in any decent old time town. And Winton’s got it all!!

IMG_6863 IMG_1660 IMG_6865 IMG_6875

IMG_6879 IMG_6880

And there’s Dinosaurs to be found around in the town too. Feet turned into bins, alleyways renewed as parklands. It’s great to see the community get behind the whole Dinosaur Discovery.


But as the sun sets on another fine day in the Outback, i’ll leave you with these sunset shots of the main street, on any given day of the week. Until next time, safe travels. TCT


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1 Response to More Wonders of Winton Town

  1. findingnyc says:

    This sounds like a great place to visit – what a wonderful adventure! I don’t know that I could handle sleeping in a tent in those temperatures though. My favorite thing is Arno’s Wall. I love the creativity, the imagination and humor it would take to create such a wall. Thanks for sharing it all with me, and I look forward to reading more about your adventures in the future.


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