Tegalalang Rice Paddies : Ubud, Indonesia

Walking in the Paddies

Having finally made it to the famous Tegalalang Rice Paddies was an experience that  I’ll treasure fondly as being another magical moment on the Island of Bali. Whilst my friends sat at one of the many terraced restaurants and enjoyed the traditional cuisine and took in the spectacular panoramic views, I wanted to wander, out into the fields and over the hills.


So I kicked off my sandals and ventured out to explore the tranquil terraced rice fields, the people and more…


Aside from the restaurants, the locals take the opportunity to sell their wares to the tourist that gather here to capture the picture perfect postcard photo.
Just like me 🙂 


Walking on the terraces edge, climbing up and down the well worn paths. All of it having been beautifully shaped into a wonderfully working system, with nature being a guiding force. The farmers have done magic in this land, they’ve carved their fields tenderly over the centuries. Still looking fresh and vivid green after all this time. Still ready for the picking, happy to provide for the next family harvest.

IMG_1127 IMG_1125 IMG_1124

Their basics huts, that are made with such flair, help protect against the weather and to live their lives in Nature’s care.


IMG_1122A magical place that will hopefully continue to last through the centuries..


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