I absolutely adore travelling. It’s what keeps me going. New places, new adventures, both near and far, local and international. So when a group of my friends and I started making plans over 2 years ago for a super special trip for a combined 30th (ahem) birthday treat, well, Bali, a villa and the charms of South East Asia were put to the very top of all our must-do-list.

Madagascan Palms to greet our entrance

Beautiful Madagascan Palms stand out in the Main Entrance

The Grand Villa Samadhana

Our Grand Entrance

Our Grand Entrance

Welcome to Villa Samadhana, set in the sleep seaside town of Ketewel, on the east coast of Bali, with views to the surf and rice fields scattered along the seaside. With around 15 super staff to look after us, we were spoilt beyond our normal means (well, for me at least, from camping to this luxury, NICE!!) There was our lovely Villa Manager, the brilliant chefs, the butlers, the gardeners, and our fantastic driver making up the excellent team that we had at our beck and call for the 8 days of magic on the tropical island of Bali.

The other side of the Coin..

I’ve worked a plenty in the hospitality field and five-star service is not unfamiliar to me. But I’ve always been the one delivering the service, not the one being spoilt with it. So from the moment we arrived at the villa, with all the staff at the entrance to greet us, we entered a world that I felt a little awkward about getting the chance to finally experience what it was like on the other side.

IMG_1077 IMG_1078 IMG_1079


Sweet Chef Ari, ready to prepare!!


Our 25m pool to lounge around

Thanks to the staff looking so smoothly and sweetly after us, we all started to get into the swing of it. How could you not with the super staff being so accommodating and polite to us. Encouraging us to chill back, relax and make the most of the experience that we had all been anticipating with such eagerness.

and lounge we did!!!

and lounge we did!!!

The grounds that cover over 1 hectare have been immaculately laid out and maintained. With numerous open air lounges and dining areas, a 25 metre pool heated by the sun and kept blissfully warm for our evening swims. Gardens and ponds superbly designed and manicured to perfection. Villa Samadhana just oozes lushness and all the grandeur that goes with it.

The Team of Troopers


Wayan attacking the Suckling Pig, mmm!!


Putu always ready to assist

The staff honestly just couldn’t do enough for us. From sunrise to well pass sunset we were treated like royalty, barely able to lift a finger without the staff already there offering to assist. Meals were bought, prepared and served: drinks made to measure: gardens swept and maintained to an illuminating standard: bedrooms turned down before we went to bed: our messes cleaned up before we woke up: always asking if we needed anything, going above and beyond the standard call of service. There truly is a pride in those who work in this gorgeous place, exemplified through their work and shining in their smiles.

IMG_1146 IMG_1087

Ok this place ain’t cheap, even for South East Asia Standards, but you truly get what you pay for here. And for an experience like this back home in Australia, I just don’t think I’ll ever have the chance, unless I win the lotto someday soon!! And I personally felt that because we hadn’t taken the liberties of our staff, treating them with the respect they rightly deserve, we were spoilt by our team and given the extra special treatment by the dedicated team of Villa Samadhana.

samadhana-entertainment-pavilion 10412028_10152893886104188_7883936809449398186_n samadhana-living-and-dining-pavilion-towards-guest-rooms

OUR Great GEDE!!

Our 1 in a Million Gede

Our 1 in a Million Gede

The high level of service extended beyond the villa to our day trips out (which I’ll tell you about in another post) with the impeccable service of our driver, Gede Murdock. Gede was there for us to take us about here, there and everywhere. But he also helped to enlighten us to the joy’s of the Hindu Religion, telling us some of the fables and leaving us more curious than before.

He told us of the pride of the Balinese people, practically a separate culture in comparison to the rest of Indonesia and its predominant Muslim ways. And Gede was there for any incidents we had (and in a group there is always bound to be something go wrong) helping to look after us as one friend looks after another.

You Truly Get What You Pay For!!

We certainly paid well for the pleasure of staying at the Villa, but the staff there treated us as more than just guest. We left like family, with promises to return and meet the children, share dinners together, to pass some time away from the Villa lifestyle.

10153987_10152893883089188_1119047918074569068_n samadhana-main-house-guest-room-2 10802074_10152893883274188_4610903406194605527_n

Well, what more is there to say! If you ever have the chance to organise your own Villa Experience, I can’t recommend Villa Samadhana enough. I hope to be lucky enough to return there myself someday. Impressed with the staff, the service, the location and all that came with it. And the next time I come back to Bali (as there truly is still so much of this beautiful Island to discover) I’ll be calling upon the brilliant services of Gede Murdock, as personalised service like this is worth coming back to time and time again.


So thank you to one and all for making our trip so incredibly memorable and for leaving us longing to return to this magical island Paradise.

For more information on Villa Samadhana, look onto their website:

And to reach the best driver around, contact Gede Murdock on:
(+62) 81 337 04 7799 or (+62) 361 809 1000


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