In the Sunshine State, on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll find good ol’ Sunshine Beach. Just one of the coastal suburbs where I lived for a while in the 2 years I spent in the beautiful sub-tropic Biosphere of Noosa, Queensland.

Sensational Sunshine Beach

Sensational Sunshine Beach

It’s been an absolute joy to be back and catching up with my mates after my 6 months up North. Things have changed, but i like to think it’s always for the better. Thankfully, Noosa and her surrounds still remain as breathtakingly lovely as they have always been.

72208_10151180904517027_548756243_nI’ve done my fair share of discovering Noosa in the time that I lived there. Cruising on the 4wd access only North shore and camping on the beach.556225_10150834140907027_1007371647_nHeading out to the Mountain Ranges to the Magical Maleny and taking a hike through the Mary Cairncross Park with its amazing view of the Glasshouse Mountains.



Another pleasure was renting a boat (or even a pontoon complete with a BBQ on board) for some special hours up and down the mighty Noosa river. Trying to fish but really just enjoying being out on the water, bobbing around on the boat. Throwing ourselves in when it all just got way TOO hot!!


Pretending to be fishing!!



I even did a tour out to the Noosa Everglades with some of my holidaying friends. Where the saltwater turns to fresh water and it looks like a river of tea, a deep dark brown, stained from all the tannin that seeps into the water from the trees lining the banks.

1779859_10151907378062027_170954332_n 1912545_10151907378377027_2124409709_n


The National Park at Noosa heads in also an enchanting place to wander. With kilometres of tracks that lead you through the bush, but most tend to hug the coastline, giving you amazing views out to the ocean. Surfers love this park too with all its bays that offer great surfing when the swell and the wind work together.


Sensational Sunsets


Even storms can create some magical images



Camping is always a great idea around here. Down on the beach, out in the bush, or my favourite spot was at Obi Obi Creek Crossing #2. With our kayaks for a paddle down the river, a campfire for the warmth and the fun, and always good company for the pleasure of sharing such a wonderful spot with others.

I think I loved Noosa so much simply for all that it offers in the way of Nature. All within an easy drive from one another you’ve got the beaches, the rivers and lakes, the mountains out the back and the bush that surrounds you. The Biosphere has helped to protect this part of the coast. Keeping development to a minimum, disallowing skyscrapers of apartment block to litter the coastline as they do not that much further south. Still allowing us the privilege to live within the harmony of the bush and the beach.



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