So you’re travelling on your own! Aren’t you afraid??

Reflecting in the Highlands of Scotland

Reflecting in the Highlands of Scotland

As a single female traveller that has done a bit of travel over the years there’s always one question that I keep getting asked. How do you cope with being on your own? But my answer is simple and always the same.

You’re never really alone when travelling on your own!

Why do I say that? Because so often it happens that one way or another someone always wants to say HI. And quiet often when they find out that you’re travelling on your own they feel like they want to assist you, even if it’s just with a bit of friendly conversation. Bless ’em!


Bus, train, plane. Same same but different!!

Bus, train, plane. Same same but different!!

Solo travellers (don’t ask me why) always seem to be drawn to one another, then you’ve become a duo, or a brand new group of buddies. But solo travelling has allowed and in a way forced me to open myself up to strangers. They honestly don’t need to know all the finer details, but being able to talk about yourself with others gives you the chance to reassert for yourself what it is that you are most proud of about. What you’re happy to tell the world, LOUD & PROUD! or just mild and meek to begin with. But after you hear yourself repeating the same happy facts to different faces you realise that, yes, that is who I am and I’m the one to make any changes.

Solo travelling has meant that I’m able to go where I want, without the group discussions. I can do what I want, without waiting for the others. I speak to who I want, the group mentality doesn’t create no barriers here. I’m carefree and I’m HAPPY!


Convoy scooters with my buddies in Chiang Mai

Convoy scooters with my buddies in Chiang Mai,Thailand

I’m not saying that travelling with others is at all bad. I’ve had some great experiences travelling with mates on different corners of the globe. It’s just that too easily we get comfortable with our travelling buddies that we don’t follow our own initiative. We need to check and double-check that everyone is agreed on each and every little decision. . We don’t follow our own plans because others just don’t dig it!!

I travel on my own because I’ve got the chance to pack up, pick up and push-off when I want!! Or linger that extra day or two. It’s just me to decide what goes.

So, until I meet my next travelling buddy I’ll keep cruising along at my own sweet pace, exploring all the avenues. And when my solo becomes a team, it will then be time to work together and enjoy all of life’s adventures, together!

Onward ever, backward never!!



About the chameleon traveller

Since 1999 I've been travelling between Australia, Europe and South East Asia!!! and Still going Strong.. After 15 years of travels there's a backpack full of photos and a van load packed with stories that need to be shared. Not to mention the future adventures that are always just around the corner!!! Come Join Me!!
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  1. Rachel says:

    I’ve loved all of my solo trips!! Reading this makes me want to go on another!!


  2. dougstuber says:

    OH this Blog is great. Just getting started here. Rock on!


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