Cruising down the Coast photos

Here’s a few shots that didn’t make it into my post but that I felt I still wanted to share with you all. Hope you like them 🙂


Hard at it collecting the cane!!


Sugar mills at full steam


Bananas by the bags


The ruins of Paronella Park


Peace out at Paronella Park


Must stop at Cardwell for the Pies Van!! MUST!!!


I love our little Fauna Crossings!!


Fisherman’s Landing at Balgal Beach

Camp Balgal Beach

Camp South Balgal Beach


Local artwork!!


Great use for all those lost thongs on the beach 🙂












If you like these shots and would like to read more about the travels behind them have a look at my post CRUISING DOWN THE COAST.


About the chameleon traveller

Since 1999 I've been travelling between Australia, Europe and South East Asia!!! and Still going Strong.. After 15 years of travels there's a backpack full of photos and a van load packed with stories that need to be shared. Not to mention the future adventures that are always just around the corner!!! Come Join Me!!
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One Response to Cruising down the Coast photos

  1. gorgeous~ so blessed to live in this region

    thx for the inspirations~~~Love


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