Time to reshuffle the goods

Time to reshuffle the goods

OK, So the Big Picture is going to be the drive from Cairns in Far North Queensland, all the way down to Warragul in West Gippsland, Victoria. It’s going to be a nice loOOng drive. Grand total of over 3,000 kms down the East coast of Australia. You could honestly spend a lifetime going here, there and everywhere discovering all the wonders along the many paths, I’ve got until Christmas, just on 2 months 🙂


I’ve given myself around 6 weeks to get from Tropical Cairns to Sub Tropical Noosa. It’s a distance that will take me at least half way on my total route, just over 1,600kms. This is the return trip from when I came up here in the middle of the year. When I took my time and spent 5 weeks crisscrossing from the beaches to the mountains, and I could have easily taken longer on the road. Truly so much to see!!

Favorite camp spot on the way North

Favorite camp spot on the way North

I was escaping the Sub-Tropic winter back in Noosa. The days can be absolutely lovely in June at 24c but then the nights can drop down to a cold 2-3c. Now Im heading South with the humidity and the heat rising day by day. Spring giving into Summer.

I’ll be car camping again for most of the weeks, with a few stopovers to hangout with my mates in Townsville and Noosa. Oh, and 10 days to Indonesia for a birthday treat with some good friends (more about that one later 🙂 ). I’m set and prepared to make the drive down past the borders, all the way South, down to the family and friends. Back at my home base for a Victorian Summer!!


It’s only been two weeks on the road but, WOW, doesn’t it feel great to be free in the outdoors once again! Making the most of the hot days (summer starts early in the Tropics!!) and taking the time to chill with my fellow campers in the cool of the afternoon breeze, chatting into the night about all life’s great adventures.

In this time i’m made my pilgrimages to the Falls and the Boulders, to the Parks and the ice-cream shops, mmmm. Even stopped in to Paronella Park. All the great attractions one should get out and enjoy!!


Babinda Boulders

Amazing what gets swept down the river!!

Amazing what gets swept down the river!!


I was so getting into the Latin-American tunes that were coming through the radio in the rural town of Ingham that I completely missed my turn off to Mungalla Station and didn’t realise until I was already arrived at my next semi-planned stop. Oh well, I’ll save the station for the next time. There will definitely be a next time as I’m determined one day to get all the way past Cooktown, up to Weipa and the Cape. One day, some way!!

Camp Babinda just behind the trees

Camp Babinda just behind the trees

Bob, the bus, and Rex his sweet dog!!

Bob, the bus, and Rex his sweet dog!!

It’s been great chatting again with the Grey Nomads, the travellers, the hobo’s, the wanderers. Everyone has got a tale (or forty) to tell you of their time on the road. Excited to pass on news about other great locations, or handy tips to help you out, or little bits of information regarding here, there and everywhere, no matter which way your path is steering towards. I also get to have my dog fix, playing around and taking the travellers dogs for a walk.


One thing that I will happily make a U-turn if I miss it is the Honesty Boxes you find on the side of the road. Especially out in farming and rural communities. Plenty with just one sort of fruit or veggie, but others like a mini deli out in the middle of nowhere. Simple fair, decent prices and the honesty box set in its rightful place. I’ve bought passion fruits as big as tennis balls for 25c each. Sapodillas when I went for an ice-cream. Avocados, honey, tomatoes, herbs, eggs, conserves!! It’s really just a matter of chance. Being at the right place at the right time!!

Sweet little bananas $2 kg

Sweet little bananas $2 kg

Exotic fruits at the ice-cream shop. Mmmmm

Exotic fruits at the ice-cream shop. Mmmmm

Pretty good selection on offer

Pretty good selection on offer


Every now and then you come across some real gems in regards to campsites. And Balgal Beach is definitely one of them. The North end of the beach near the boat landing is designated to the RV’s, motorhomes, generators, etc. The south end however has been left as a lovely tranquil spot just for the traditional campers in the good old tents.

Serenity on the shore :-)

Serenity on the shore 🙂

I came here for a few days and a week later I left having had convinced my friends just 45mins down the road in Townsville to come up and spend a chilled weekend on the beach. Not only is the beach here just beautiful, but only a few kms up the road is another sweet spot called Rollingstones, just around the corner from Middle Earth!!

Getting all symmetrical at Fisherman's Landing

Getting all symmetrical at Fisherman’s Landing

Happy Campers come to visit :-)

Happy Campers come to visit 🙂




Calm and chilled at Rollingstones

Calm and chilled at Rollingstones

Here you’ll find another free camp spot for one and all to use, and the clearest of fresh water creek with numerous swimming holes scattered along it’s many winding ways. Just ideal to spend the heat of the day under the shade of the coolibah tree, cooling down with the breeze after a much needed dip.



Now I’m back in the big smoke, Townsville, the major city in Far North Queensland. But aside from catching up with my mates, I won’t be lingering here too long. There’s still plenty of road between here and Noosa and as I want to spend some time with my mates there too, I need to get back on the road and start clocking the kilometres.

So until my next little update, Keep on Cruising, one and all.


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