3 Classic Surfing Summer Movies


Ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated with surfing. Sure, I’ve tried it a few times, but honestly, I’m happier on the shores watching the real surfers riding the waves.

Jaysmallr2It’s the whole “being at one with nature” that I love the most about it. The paddling through the breakers to get out to the waves; the patience and the waiting for the next set to come in; then the golden chance of catching the wave and riding on the waters motion, feeling nature underneath you pushing you back to the shore.

Most definitely there is skill to the sport. But there’s more fun to be had for the average surfer, skill comes later as with all things, with dedication and practice. Fun should always be there. As it should be in all things in life!!


This classic surfing movie was filmed back in 1966, when surfing really started to take off in the United States. It follows two keen surfers as they travel around the world on an Endless Summer surfing adventure. Surfing was still relatively unheard of and unseen in a few of their destinations. Most of the African hotspots had the locals jumping in after the surfers had finished, battling with one another to get their hands on a board.

The_Endless_SummerThis film, to me, is a beautiful retro piece about how surfing was back in the good old days. Before ego’s and labels became such a big part of surfing.

The cinematography is brilliant for its time and the sixties music is just as hip as it gets. Not to mention the funny and quick-witted narrative from the film’s director, Bruce Brown.


After the huge success of the first Endless Summer, Number 2 didn’t come into existence until nearly 30 years after the original. Filmed in 1994, the difference, advances and changes that had gone through those years in the world of surfing were just immense.

Big gun boards were replaced with thin lightweight and streamline short boards. Bigger waves were being taken on. The numbers of surfers went from hundreds into the millions. This sport had definitely made its mark in those 3 short decades.

MV5BMjE1NDQ2MDc0M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDc3MzcxMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR3,0,214,317_AL_Endless Summer 2, once again made by Bruce Brown, has us following another two surfers  this time trying to follow in the footsteps of the original movies surfing path. Except this time there’s BIG money in surfing. There was also surfing hot spots to be visiting like Teahupoo, Tahiti. There’s big names who appear, like Slater & Curren. There’s even an appearance by Robert Weaver, one of the original Endless Summer surfers, who showed the lads the impressive waves he was catching down in Costa Rica.

I love this movie as it’s really like a historical piece on what surfing was and where it’s heading. Great locations, an amazing mix of surfers and a sweet array of music and motion make this surf film that one that I love coming back to watch.. Time and time again!!


Like father like son. Step into Liquid was filmed by the Dana Brown, son of Bruce Brown who filmed Endless Summer 1 & 2. In this movie, we see more of an array of surfers from your professionals to your pro-amateurs surfing in some insane locations around the world. Who knew you could surf waves in Donegal, Ireland? But they do it!! All wet suited up to the max. And who knew you could ride waves on a lake produced by the huge cargo liners? But they do in some crazy part of the States. And Why do we ask, Because They Can!!

220px-Step_into_liquidLike the man who has been riding waves EVERYDAY for the last 20+ years. Or the kid of 4 years old who rides better than I could ever imagine to do so. This film is filled to the brim with surfing stories of surfing folks.

Modern times mean modern cinematography. With such great locations as Pipeline, Vietnam and the worlds largest waves at Cortes Bank this movie never ceases to impress me.

This trilogy of surfing documentaries are classics. They’re the ones i’ll keep coming back to. Happy to watch them ride the waves a thousand times, be taken by the music and touched by the stories.

So next time you’ve got a lazy day planned, when the phone is turned off and it’s time for a film, pick one of these for a nostalgic and uplifting touch. Let them take you to long gone times and far away places.

Go on and dream of your own Endless Summer.

But what about you all out there??

What movies are the ones that you can’t get enough of?

Modern or Classic? Retro or Crazy??

Drop me a line and let me know what movies have ticked all the boxes for you 🙂

Happy film feasting!!





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