Some Secret Daintree Adventures, always to be shared..




Every time I travel somewhere, new or old, i always try to find where’s the special places, the ones you need to ask around for, or chance to hear from someone else, the ones that you generally don’t find on the map. Well, luckily for you, i’ve happened to stubble upon a few of these treasures down in the Daintree.

It’s an added bonus that most times i’ve been to these spots, even with mates, we’ve had the place to our own and you get to enjoy it all for yourselves. But saying that, they’re not really a secret. They’re out there for everyone to enjoy. So spread the word so that others can share in these tropical delights.



One of the spectacular views from THE ROCK!!

So, when you take the Cape Tribulation walk and head right, up and over the steps. You’ll discover yourself on a beautiful coastal path that leads you to the north end of Myall Beach. Then when you get to the sand, and start racing towards the water, you’ll notice the rocks at the end of the headland. You need to be a little adventurous for the next part as you’re going to clim those rocks until you get to the top. And voila, what I’ve lovingly named “THE ROCK”..


This spot gives you an amazing view over the waters and a back towards the shore and the mountains beyond. But if you’re not up for the climb you can still walk around on the rocks, just be sensible of tides. Above or below is still a great spot to look out for sea turtles that love swimming round the rocks up and eating up all that lovely green slimy algae, Mmmmm. Dolphins and stingrays are also quiet popular around here. Sightings or not this spot is just wonderful and I seriously think that it’s worth the effort.


Try them, they really DO bounce..

Try them, they really DO BoUnCe..

Yes, more rocks, and YES, they REALLY DO BoUnCe!! Tried and Tested by the one and only TCT. You’ll see a difference between the jagged, rough rocks hugging the shore and the smaller boulder like rocks that get smoothed every day by the tidal movements.

Now this activity is better at low tide, just so you can enjoy giggling like a child as you hunt for the rocks to keep on bouncing after you’ve seen it really does work!!! Oh, i guess you also don’t have to fret about the waves coming in and crashing you on the rocks.. Maybe.

These precious bouncing boulders of joy are on the northern end of Thornton Beach, not too far away from the little cafe down there, for a nice walk after lunch. You’ll see the big rounded rocks and then it’s just a matter of finding a rock, throw it and (hopefully) watch it bounce. Ok, so it’s a 3/5 success rate, but seriously give it a go, they DO REALLY BoUnCe!! Gotta love mother nature ❤


Now this one is truly a special place, to me and to many others. By the indigenous culture it’s also sacred. Kaba Gada is its traditional name but to many others it’s simply the Blue Water Swimming Hole. The name says it all really. The few times that i’ve been here was always after there had been rains for a few days so the blue of the water was more of a light sheen running through it. However, i’ve seen pictures from others where the water has been an illuminescent baby blue body of  water. Just magical.

Blue wonder..

Blue wonder..


It’s sacred to the indigenous people as this was a special place for the women of the tribes to gather. Strictly No Men where Allowed. So be sure to treat this place with the rightful respect that it deserves and be sure to enjoy the spectacular surroundings.

following the magical winding path....

Following the magical winding path….

So the all important news of where is this extraordinary piece of paradise. It’s on Turpentine Rd,  past the Jungle Bugs & Insect’s Museum (worth a visit too, just to see the stick insects at the counter :-)) Look for a boom gate on your right hand side. From here follow the path until you get to the creek and just before look for the track on the right hand side. It’s an unusual path that leads you over the tree roots, all intertwined with one another. Head on down to the creek and I hope that the water shines its brilliant blue for you.


When I discover some more I’ll be sure to let you all know, but be sure to fill me in if you’ve discovered any special spots of your own. I’d love to hear about other special places in your part of the planet. You never know when it might just be around the corner..

So, share one, share all, and spread the word of the wonders.

Happy adventures



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