Off to the Islands!! Whitsunday style :-)


OOOhhh Yeeaahhh!!!!

OOOhhh Yeeaahhh!!!!

So you never know what life’s going to present to you!! But when someone offers you a month working on a 5 Star Resort in the Whitsunday Islands, with just 3 days to get yourself organised, what would you say??

Well I said “YYEEESSSSS!!!!

I’ve been hearing about these island jobs forever and a day, and was always dead keen to give it a go!! Admittedly I never actively went looking for these jobs, but one thing after another has led me to a great opportunity to go and live and work on Hayman Island, the One & Only . It’s only for a short time but it’ll be four weeks that I’ll have to save some serious cash for the future adventures, and more importantly, four weekends that I’ll have to go and explore the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef in such luxurious surroundings as these.


Bird's eye view!! Nice!!

Bird’s eye view!! Nice!!

With rooms starting around the $800 a night mark, it’s not somewhere I would usually think to put on my choices of accommodation. But thanks to the GREAT Signature Staff that I’ve been working for here in Cairns, I’ve finally found my chance to go and check out what all the fuss is about..


So far just getting onto the island isn’t going to be too bad.. Greyhound bus down to Airlie Beach (11hrs), one nights accommodation at Club Croc hostel and the ferry ride over to the island (at 6:45am, welcome and good morning!!) all covered by the lovely people at Hayman Island, the One & Only . And apparently, as I’m a temporary staff member my food and accommodation is taken care of by them also.. Ahh, how sweet of them.

Hayman-Island-Villas-sleek-and-stylish-thumb-290x193-17310 Flip side is that I’ve been told I’ll probably be doing 10 hour days at the resort! I can feel it already in me bones that this is going to hurt for a bit, so back to my ditty of WORK, SAVE, TRAVEL, WORK, SAVE, TRAVEL!!! Oh and there’s some super strict rules to follow regarding ones personal grooming, but I’ll get into that another time..

Needless to say, i’m super excited and can’t wait to pack my bag for my island adventure.. Hayman Island, you’re my ONE AND ONLY!!




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Since 1999 I've been travelling between Australia, Europe and South East Asia!!! and Still going Strong.. After 15 years of travels there's a backpack full of photos and a van load packed with stories that need to be shared. Not to mention the future adventures that are always just around the corner!!! Come Join Me!!
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