What are you waiting for??

What are you waiting for??

I’ve only had my car for about a year. I called her TIU, after her licence plate. Kind of fitting for a classy Asian piece of work that she is. But it wasn’t until the middle of this year (2014) that I was able to start my sweet adventure of car camping in my super sleek Toyota Corolla.

Having spent a good bit of time doing my research; scouring the internet for any handy camping tips that I could find; hunting through all the charity and recycle shops for any bits and pieces that I deemed worthy of taking up valuable space in TIU; looking at all the available maps I had and checking on WikiCamps where I could pitch my tent (preferably for free with a nice scenic spot, thank you). And then finally going through all my own personal belongings, having a good old clean out, and seeing what was coming with and what was staying behind. I WAS READY!!

But I’ll tell you about that 5 weeks road trip another time. As it is, this story is about when I finally made it to a special part of Australia where I’ve been waiting for years to go and see. The magical Daintree Rainforest. I meet up with my friends at the end of that 5 weeks journey where we had made plans to meet up in Cairns before we hit the road, direction North. All the way up to Cape Tribulation for a lovely bit of long weekend camping.

Cruisy Camping at Cape Tribulation

Cruisy Camping at Cape Tribulation

When the fun and games was over and it was time for my friends to head back to reality, I decided to stick around and see what my chances were of finding a job. As luck would have it I was able to get a job that day that let me spend just over a month discovering as much of the Daintree forest as my time off would allow me. With a few discounts and freebies to the local attractions to boot, thank you very much!

Everyone seems to know this part of the world as Cape Tribulation. But that’s just a little headland near where poor old Captain Cook got his boat stuck on the reef a while back now. To me, this natural wonder is the DAINTREE RAINFOREST.

Time to step into the Jungle!!

Time to step into the Jungle!!

A bird's eye view.

A bird’s eye view.

And the part that I was exploring was north from the Daintree river, complete with a Ferry crossing, all the way up to Emmagen Creek. Where TIU and I had to turn back, largely due to the fact that after Emmagen Creek you’re then on the Bloomfield Track. Definitely 4WD access only, all the way up to Cooktown. One day I’ll get there. Oh yes!! But that’s just fine as there’s more than plenty to keep you occupied in the Daintree.

If you can, and time allows, I’d recommend staying at least a week. This way it gives you a good opportunity to see so much and still have valuable time to just lounge under a shady tree on the beach with a book, or a beer, or both!! I met too many people who raced up here for a night or two, just to race back to wherever, and were already wishing they could stay longer before they had even left. This is indeed one of those places where time stands still!


Coconut People!!!

Coconut People!!!

Soon as you cross the river you enter into an amazing dense tropical rainforest. Winding itself in and out of the national park, hugging the coastline and then climbing the mountains. Spectacular views looking out to the Pacific Ocean and down to the beaches, just waiting for you to linger and lay down your towel.

In this blog I want to share with you a few of my favourite places that I went happily seeking out. Some of them on the map and some of them off. Here’s hoping you’ll find something amongst them that tempts you to go and explore it further for yourself the next time you’re in this part of the planet.

All part of the research factor :-)

All part of the research factor 🙂

As for me, I’ve got my next road trip to the Daintree already planned out. (I’m actually typing this blog out at Noah’s Camping). Now while I go and do further “research” in these glorious green surroundings, you go and enjoy my bits and bobs on the forest:

– Boardwalks and walk walks

– Worth the Pennies! Trips in the Daintree

– Some Secret Daintree Adventures, always to be shared..





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