The Cairns Esplanade

  (or Nar-dh, if you’re a local)Bike lanes, fitness stations, beach view, more, more, more...

Bike lanes, fitness stations, beach view, more, more, more…

Cairns is a great place to unwind and it’s been so nice riding around on my push bike (free score from the housemate, cheers) around the streets. I really feel like we’ve just stepped out of the 80’s in this town. Maybe it’s the architecture, maybe its just that laid-back coastal town feel. Whatever it is suits me just fine, keeps all around me nice and chilled.

And especially on the Esplanade. This spot is made to be enjoyed and used for good old recreational fun. What with all the kids playgrounds, large open fields and bbq facilities it’s just screaming for someone to come and have a picnic. All for Free!!

Free Fitness for one & all!!

Then there’s all the free fitness activities available to everyone. Ok, so the morning sessions might hurt a little as they start at 7am, but having the sun warm you up with a view to the ocean, well!! Each Wed-Fri I’m down there doing Tai-Chi, Pilates and Yoga. What a magical way to start the day. And did I mention that it’s FREE!! Then there’s all the afternoon sessions of beach volleyball, Zumba, even bouldering. Seriously, do yourself a favour and check it out.

Warriors by the water

Warriors by the water


Aqua Pilates, anyone!!

Or if you’re not one who’s keen on fitting into a time slot, go and check out all the workout equipment scattered along the esplanade. There’s a few of these fitness stations set aside for anyone to go and get a low-cardio impact workout while enjoying the great outdoors. Again, all FREE!!

Really there is so much on offer down at the Nade that I feel almost guilty sometimes just relaxing on the grass and enjoying the view. I said almost!!

You want More!!!

This still not enough for you, you want more. Well how about the km’s of bike tracks, or the insane skatepark, the beach volleyball set up, the petanque court and the piece de resistance, the beautiful Lagoon, made purposely with the intention of doing nothing but lounging around.

This is just a taste of what I’ve had the pleasure to experience in my few weeks here, and this is just the Nardh. So much still to see and discover. As always, I’m excited to share the memorable places that keep me ticking!


Viva la Experience!!



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