Cairns, Gateway to the Tropics.

The Present

Yesterday is history.images

Tomorrow is a mystery.

Today is a Gift,

That is why it is called

the Present.    

I love this quote. I heard that one in the KungFu Panda movie. I also LOVE animation movies, but more on that another time. The thing that I love about this quote is that is makes me realise how happy I am to wake each morning, to breathe in another day and to cherish what is waiting out there for me once I open my eyes. Bit corny, ok, but each day IS a gift and there is always an adventure just waiting to be lived.

The Location


The Lagoon, a great place to chill out

Presently, I’m keeping myself happy up in Far North Queensland, in the beautiful Coastal City of Cairns. With a population around the 150,000 mark, this place has got a lot going for it. Cairns is surrounded by lush mountains, so between the ocean to one side and the mountains out the back you really feel like nature is encircling you. This city is also lucky to have two of the most spectacular World Heritage sites within easy reaching distance. What with it being just a stones throw to the Great Barrier Reef and around the corner from the Daintree Rainforest, it makes for an idyllic spot to spend sometime on vacation. Oh and don’t forget there’s the outback just, well, outback and over those mountains waiting to be explored. The magnificent Atherton Tablelands, I’ll get back to that one too.

Crystal Cascades

Crystal Cascades

For the meanwhile, I’ve been keeping myself quite content with exploring the beaches (sorry, no swimming, apparently there are crocodiles and later in the year in come the lethal jellyfish), discovering the waterholes and waterfalls, and the promenading along the immense Esplanade. I’m über happy to be keeping myself occupied in such a special place. Between working on this blog and bringing in some pennies through temporary job agency work, it’s been great to meander through the streets and venture out to the waterways.

Festival Time

The last week was brilliant what with Cairns Festival on in full swing. All along the esplanade and in many of the pubs, galleries, and creative spaces there’s been a huge variety of events going on. Keeping families, backpackers and this little traveller well amused with all the entertainment.

One of the more fanciful creations.

One of the more fanciful creations.

The weeks festivities started off with a sweet little street parade down the esplanade. So many smiling participants and happy onlookers. Small street parades are my favourite just because they’re not so flashy and plastic as the big ones. Except for the fireworks at the end of the night (that being 7:30pm, that’s right, things finish pretty early here up North) which went off with a bang (sorry)!

I’m a sucker for fireworks too and will happily ooh and aah as those bright fantastics make super scenes across the night sky. I’ve seen plenty of fireworks over the years and the best non organised event was Guy Fawkes Day in Edinburgh, Scotland. Anybody seen that going off?? It’s like a battle of the wizards right smack bang in, around and above the streets. Pure Dead Brilliant!!

10338244_10202301427357696_5196746008238362302_nI had the pleasure of seeing the Biddigal Dreaming Dance Group. An elite and exclusive company of indigenous performers aged between 12-25. The performance was held at the Centre of Contemporary Art and I can only hope great things in the future for this troupe. Plenty of talent just waiting to be discovered.

And last, but not least was Mario’s Burn: Fields of Fire. The main event I was keen to see was the burning of the sugar cane field(s)!! What it turned out to be was one little strip of a field but it was still sensational to see the crop ablaze within minutes and to hear the crackle of the cane.657953-8da8fbcc-210e-11e4-b916-593f0283aa25

It’s been a great introduction to Cairns and the surrounds of the Tropics in the short time that I’ve been here. So here’s to many more sights and wonders to be discovered.

Til next time, TCT.


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  1. Romain says:

    Bring it on , let make us dream , that s a pretty cool
    Start for your blog , love it , continue to leave the dream …


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